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Focus Maintenance Inc. to aim to increase and maintain your industrial equipment mechanical reliability while reducing your maintenance costs.

With equipment on the cutting point technology, Focus Maintenance Inc. provides complete tracking of your equipment in drafting a report detailing the current condition of your equipment, as well as recommendations of work to be done to improve and maintain the condition of these devices. Focus Maintenance Inc. services. Preventive maintenance Periodic tracking of your equipment: tour of lubrication (lubricating + oil) cooling system maintenance (straps, bearings, etc.) Pulley and laser shaft alignment. Swaying and balancing Maintenance Prédictive vibration analysis: every component of a device emits a single its frequency even. It is therefore possible to isolate the problem. Working capital, strap, gear, etc. Swaying and balancing misalignment oil analysis: by analyzing the different chemical parameters of the oil problem detection method.

Internal parts wear debris (copper, aluminium, etc.) Chemical contamination (Poussières, air, water) (spectroscopy, infrared analysis) oil thermography: hot spot in a mechanical point of view, meaning detection method overload. Bearing on an electrical problems electric motor in an ultrasonic testing Panel: there are different applications to ultrasound. Compressed air bearing steam (leaking steam trap) leakage detection leakage detection low speed lubrication audit the lubrication lubrication (too much or not enough) problem is one of the most important parameters in any industrial equipment.
To maximize the life of your equipment and you save cost attach a lubrication, Focus Maintenance Inc. offers you a lubrication audit service. What is it? With your personal maintenance, a complete description of the journey of a lubricant in your factory will be drawing up. This list will have the effect of isolating the bad practices of lubrication to then make the corrections needed in order to put an end to these bad practices. Aim will be fixed, then change to achieve these objectives recommendations will be issued.

These changes are staggered over a long period of time. Ex: invest $ 5000 / year for 3 years – to save $ 50,000 / year after.