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25 rue Carrier Edmundston N.-B. E3V 4A3 Canada (506) 735-1820fax (506) 735-1821Nadeau Picard et Associés


Employing in the region over 25 people, Nadeau Picard & Associés has the objective to offer a service that is fast and customized to satisfy their customers’ growing needs. Its professional team shares their knowledge and expertise the following way:

  • Accounting expertise
  • Personal and corporate tax services
  • Business sucession planning
  • Business mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations
  • Sucessoral and testamentary planning
  • Personal finance planning
  • Sales tax expertise
  • Scientific research and development (R&D)
  • System studies
  • Business and financing plans
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Strategic planning
  • Business improvement and restructuring

Therefore, we can offer you the complete set of services related to the accounting expertise.

Also, we are always up-to-date concerning the multiples changes that will affect the financial information presentation, and that, in all types of industries. Therefore, we are able to lead & guide our customers in order for them to be prepared to face any challenges that will come their way.

We are pioneers in the industry which enables us to always be ready to assist our customers in their projects.